How to Find The Best Coffee in Billings, Montana

Do You Know These 4 Secrets To Finding The Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Do you want to find the best coffee in Billings, Montana, ship some of the richest coffee beans in the world to a friend or just want to enjoy a delicious cup of Joe before you start your day? There are a few key things to look for to have the best experience possible.

It’s As Simple as Knowing the 4 S’s of Coffee Success!

1. Source

As a coffee lover, you probably know that coffee beans vary throughout the world. There are different levels of quality, tastes, aromas, etc. based on the climate, soil, altitude and more. With this in mind, it’s essential to look at where coffee is sourced before you make a purchase.

For example, our Costa Rica Santa Elena comes from the highlands of Costa Rica, Tarrazú. This region produces some of the best coffee in the world due to the location’s temperature, rainfall, altitude, extensive history of coffee bean harvesting, and more.

Some of the best coffee in Billings starts in Ethiopia!

Our Ethiopian Ardi (Sidama) is from the Sidama region of Ethiopia. This is the birthplace of the coffee plant, or coffee arabica, dating back many centuries ago. Due to the climate in the Sidama region, the coffee grows more slowly than in other regions of the world. This means it has more time to absorb the nutrients in the rich soil and develop robust flavors.

2. Sustainability

Before you buy coffee, check the source. How do the coffee farmers grow and harvest the coffee?

For example, are the coffee beans meticulous hand-picked and sorted by quality level?

Are they washed and pulped naturally and dried in the sun?

Does the coffee farm help the local community and environment?

Our Santa Elena coffee is grown with a water-treatment system that meets Costa Rica’s high, environmental standards. Plus, the owner, Luz Marina Trujillo, offers health care and housing to her seasonal workers.

3. Season

Speaking of seasonality, it’s important to buy coffee at the peak of freshness. Farmers throughout the world harvest coffee beans at various times throughout the year. For example, Costa Rica Santa Elena Coffee arrives in the U.S. April through June. Ethiopian Ardi is harvested September through January.

If you want a specific taste and type of coffee, be sure to check when it is grown, harvested and available in your area. This way, you can enjoy the freshest coffee beans possible!

4. Special Roasting Processes

Once the beans arrive at your local coffee shop, does the roaster know what to do with them?

There is a certain way to handle, store, roast, and serve coffee. Here at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, we have a passion for coffee. After sourcing some of the highest-quality coffee in the world, we want to make sure you get the best taste possible.

We’ve spent years learning about coffee, roasting many varieties, visiting coffee farms throughout the world, experimenting with different techniques, serving coffee, and best of all, drinking coffee! It takes time and care to find and roast the best coffee in Billings and the world. Be sure that your favorite coffee beverage is not ruined by someone who doesn’t know what to do with the coffee beans!

The Best Coffee In Billings, Montana and the World is Here!

If you know the secrets to finding good coffee beans (Source, Sustainability, Season, and Special Roasting Processes), you can truly enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.

Whether you want something bold with a strong aroma to get you going in the morning, a light and low-acidic taste to share with friends or just something unique, take the effort to find the right coffee, grown, harvested and roasted the right way at just the right time, Only then, can you savor all of the delicious flavors coffee has to offer!

To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and to learn more, please visit us at our store in Downtown Billings, or shop online here. 
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