Ethiopian Ardi


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Eithiopian Ardi (Sidama)*

Coffee Description:

Enjoy a red berry flavor, dried fruit and florals with a full body and medium acidity.

Roast:   Light/Medium

About the Coffee:

With a unique, red-berry, dried fruit and floral flavor, you and your guests will enjoy a phenomenal, full- body taste with medium acidity.

You see, a small group of sustainable farmers in the Sidama region of Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee) harvest the beans from the rich soil and transport it to their local mill.

Then, hundreds of skilled workers sort out the best cherries, dry them on raised beds for 8-10 days and rotate them every 30 minutes (critical for distinctive flavor and moisture). The beans continue to dry in the sun for an additional 2 to 3 days before they are packaged and whisked away to carefully-chosen roasters throughout the world.

Now, you can enjoy this rare, award-winning coffee at home. Also, Rock Creek Coffee Roasters won a North American Golden Bean Award for it’s roasting of this coffee.  It is a local favorite.

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Drip, French Press, Whole Bean