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Enjoy our wide variety of single origin coffees and blends, handcrafted with consistency.

We Roast in Small Batches

Quality is our main focus. Each coffee is roasted in small batches, in our cafe in Billings, Montana.

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Our customers can’t get enough of hanging out and sipping coffee in our cafe!

Rock Creek Coffee

Want a great cup of coffee that’s officially “Made in Montana”?

Visit us at our Downtown Billings location, order your favorite online or just stop by and say “Hi!”

As fellow coffee drinkers, we moved from California to Montana and fell in love with the beautiful scenery, friendly people… and the thought of owning our own coffee shop in this wonderful area. Our dream came true, and we opened Rock Creek Coffee Roasters in 2004.

This was our opportunity to provide the best cup of coffee possible. And that meant roasting all of our coffee in-house. Yes, this takes a lot of time and work, but it’s essential to ensure the quality of our beans.

Did you know that coffee begins to lose flavor soon after roasting?

That’s why we roast in small batches right here in our shop… so you get to enjoy the coffee while it’s still fresh. Plus, we are very careful about purchasing the best coffee beans from sustainable, high-quality suppliers worldwide.

After all, why would we go through all that trouble and not get the most out of our coffee beans?

As you can see, we are passionate about coffee. We only offer high-quality products that we are proud to sell and that help others in some way (this is one of the reasons we won the Golden Bean Silver Medal in 2015).

We also believe in being an integral part of the community and working with local businesses and organizations. You’ll see us participating in regional charity events, giving back to the community and even creating joint products with our fellow entrepreneurs… like our new coffee soaps!

Check out all of our different coffees and let us know which ones you like best! You can order online here, or stop by the store. We’ll welcome you with a friendly Montana smile and a fresh cup of coffee you’ll love!

See you soon!

Joel and Peggy

P.S. Did you see our news interview on KTVQ? Click here to check it out!


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