Costa Rica Santa Elena




Costa Rica Santa Elena

Coffee Description:

Costa Rica Santa Elena has a bright acidity and crisp, clean taste with sweet flavors of citrus with a smooth buttery finish.


Roast:   Medium


About the Coffee:

The beans are harvested from this single estate in the famous, growing region of the highlands of Costa Rica, Tarrazú, between November and February.

After growing in the shade, the beans are hand-picked and meticulously sorted by quality-level. Then, they are naturally-washed and processed via a pulped, natural-honey process and dried in the sun on a patio at the mill.

Additionally, the beans rest in parchment for a minimum of 30 days after drying before milling and shipping.

The Santa Elena Estate growers follow a holistic, sustainable approach and use a water-treatment system that meets the country’s high environmental standards. The owner, Luz Marina Trujillo offers health care and housing to her seasonal workers.

This is our number-one selling coffee.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in

Drip, French Press, Whole Bean