Enjoy Some Irish Luck With This Month’s Coffee Treats

Ethiopian Ardi, Shamrock Mochas and Nutty Leprechauns will have you doing a jig!

Ready for some Irish cheer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Whether you are Irish or not, our March coffee specials will put a little jig in your step. Step out of the Montana cold and into our coffee shop to enjoy these treats:

Enjoy a special Irish coffee treat at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

Shamrock Mocha
This is a St. Patrick's Day favorite. You’ll love this refreshing Mint Mocha. But hurry! Just like a leprechaun’s rainbow, it will disappear after a limited time.

Nutty Leprechaun
If you like the combination of Irish Cream and hazelnut, you’ll want to try this nutty drink. It’s a holiday favorite you’ll want to sip with friends and family in a nice cozy chair (and watch the snow fall outside)!

Special coffee for St. Patrick's Day!

You’ll be sure to enjoy these fun, coffee specials, and with every purchase, you’ll also support families fighting pediatric cancers. A portion of sales for each of these drinks will be donated to Cassie’s Gift of Love.*

In a hurry or live outside of Montana?

Our coffee of the month is Ethiopian Ardi. You can stop in for a cup, get a bag to go or order it online here.

A light/medium roast, this coffee that has a unique, red-berry, dried fruit and floral flavor. From the birthplace of coffee (the Sidama region of Ethiopia), hundreds of workers harvest the beans and sort out the best cherries. Then, the cherries are dried on raised beds for 8-10 days and rotated every 30 minutes for a distinctive flavor. After two to three more days of drying in the sun, the beans are packaged and sent to specific roasters throughout the world, including Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

Enjoy special, Ethipian Ardi coffee at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

This is a local favorite, and we won a North American Golden Bean Award for roasting this coffee so we can’t wait to share it with you at the shop or via mail.

Stop by for a warm welcome, and have a good, long chat over one of our special coffees this month… to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Spring’s arrival!

See you soon, or order your favorite coffee here.

*Cassie's Gifts of Love is a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Foundation set up in Billings, Montana in memory of Casandra Lorenz. All funds go directly to help those families of children with cancer. Whether it be for travel costs, prescriptions, treatments or just day to day necessities. For more information, visit http://www.cassiesgiftsoflove.com/home.html.