The Best Coffee in Billings, Montana Welcomes Spring!

Enjoy these special treats for a limited time and help Eagle Mount

The temperatures are finally warming up, and you can enjoy some of the best coffee in Billings, Montana with our limted-edition drinks.

This month, we are offering two, delicious beverages to say hello to the new season:

Almond Joy

Enjoy the best coffee in Montana here.
Almond Joy is waiting for you at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

You know the tasty candy bar that reminds you of warmer climates and fun in the sun?

Well, now you can enjoy it as coffee drink with a combination of coconut, chocolate and almond. It’s a fun way to say hello to spring and wake up your senses at any time of day!

Huckle Honey

If you have a passion for the huckleberry that is extremely popular here in the summer months, you can enjoy it now!

Specialty coffee drinks at Montana's best coffee shop await!
Huckle Honey Coffee - Yum!
Best coffee in Montana
Enjoy the best coffee in Montana!

Our Huckle Honey coffee drink offers a unique combination of huckleberry and real honey. Mmmmm.

Give Back!

Try a Billings coffee drink and support Eagle Mount

These drinks will brighten up your day, but when you purchase them, you’ll also brighten the day for others. A portion of sales of this month’s special coffee drinks will go towards Eagle Mount.

Eagle Mount helps others.
Eagle Mount helps people in need.

Since 1982, this non-profit in Bozeman, Montana has provided quality, therapeutic recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and young people with cancer.

This includes all kinds of adventures like horseback riding, camping, swimming, water sports, rock climbing, cycling, and more to “foster freedom, joy, strength, focus, and confidence” and “focus on people’s abilities, while gently supporting their disabilities.”

Children love Eagle Mount!

Eagle Mount was recognized by NBC’s Today Show as “one of five small charities in America that make a big difference.”

Enjoy Spring With Delicious Coffee Drinks!

Our coffee experts have created our unique Almond Joy and Huckle Honey coffee drinks for you to celebrate April (rain or shine!). You’ll love these delicious treats and be able to help others in the process!

Now, if you don’t live near our store, you can still enjoy some of the best coffee in Billing! Check out our wide range of coffees you can enjoy at home here.

For more information about Eagle Mount, please click here.