Rock Creek Coffee Roasters Success Story- Heidi's Coffee Cabin

“At Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, you are not a number. Joel and Peggy Gargaro genuinely care about their customers, helping you succeed and providing the best coffee possible.”  Heidi Schmidt, Heidi’s Coffee Cabin


In Laurel Montana, you will find a unique, log cabin that sells coffee and other drinks via a drive-thru and walk-up counter. This is Heidi’s Coffee Cabin and the dream of Heidi Schmidt.

After working in various coffee shops and purchasing the business on her 25th birthday in 2011, Heidi knew she wanted to serve her customers the highest-quality coffee possible. This lead her to Rock Creek Coffee Roasters in Billings, Montana.

They became her sole coffee-wholesaler, and she went from selling 20 pounds of coffee per week in 2014 to 35 pounds a week in 2018. Plus, her relationship with Rock Creek Coffee Roasters has helped her create and sell new coffee products to grow her business. She expects to increase sales by at least 10% next year.


Heidi knew exactly what she wanted in her shop and that great coffee, a friendly atmosphere and customer retention were key priorities. She conducted extensive research and looked for a coffee supplier in her area to support the local, business community. But, after meeting with several distributors nearby, she started to get frustrated.

“They treated me like a business transaction, and many did not seem to share my passion for coffee,” states Heidi. “To them, it wasn’t about the coffee. It was about making money.”


Heidi's Coffee Cabin thrives due to the delicious coffee from Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

Then, Heidi walked into Rock Creek Coffee Roasters and met the owners and coffee roasters, Joel and Peggy Gargaro. She knew she had found something special.

After tasting their coffee and learning about the Gargaro’s extensive knowledge of coffee beans, roasting and using sustainable coffee farms worldwide, Heidi decided to work with them in 2014.

Peggy helped Heidi with various business suggestions and promotional ideas. And Joel developed a unique coffee just for her called “Heidi’s Blend.”


“I was looking for a coffee with a very specific taste for my customers, and Joel worked diligently to give me exactly what I wanted,” states Heidi. “Today, my customers love the coffee and stop by just for this unique blend.”  Since Rock Creek Coffee became Heidi’s sole coffee provider in 2014, she increased sales significantly. Not only did she see a 75% increase in the number of pounds of coffee sold per week in the past four years, but she was also able to sell additional products to her customers.

“After noticing that my customers wanted the Rock Creek Coffee cold brew outside of the summer months, we decided to sell it year-round,” states Heidi. “This increased sales by about 10%, and we are looking to add new products like my original, Cold Brew Cream Soda creation soon. With such great coffee to work with, I’m looking forward to all of the possibilities ahead. I get to be creative, give my customers delicious, coffee options and grow my business.”

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