Montana Coffee Treats To Feel Lucky!

Join your favorite coffee shop in Billings for some delicious drinks this month!

Whether you are Irish or not, we have some delicious, Montana coffee treats waiting for you!

This month, your favorite coffee shop in Billings has two, special concoctions for you.

Small batches of coffee at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters - Montana coffee at its best!

(Well, we hope we are your number one choice. After all, where else are you going to get coffee that’s roasted in small batches right on the premises like it is here? This ensures that you get the freshest cup of coffee possible. Plus, all of our beans come from sustainable farms around the world that help the local community. Take that big chain stores! Can you tell I love coffee? Anyway… I digress.)

Stop by and check out these delicious coffee drinks available right now (our baristas are really proud of their creations and can’t wait to hear what you think!):

Shamrock Mocha
Montana coffee at the best coffee shop in Billings offer Irish Mocha!

This refreshing spin on a Mint Mocha will have your taste buds singing.

Our regulars ask for it every year, and it’s a real crowdpleaser. But you’ll want to hurry in to try this tasty treat.

Just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it is only around for a limited time.

Nutty Leprechaun

WMontana coffee at the best coffee shop in Billings offers Nutty Leprechaun!ith Spring Fever and St. Patrick’s Day (not to mention Daylight Savings Time – Ugh. We lose an hour of sleep, but at least the days will be longer!), we all may feel a little “nutty” this month.

That’s the inspiration for this combination of hazelnut and Irish Cream.

Sip your own cup to help you wake up or enjoy it with friends, family members, co-workers and more. It’s a tasty and unique treat you’ll love!

While our Montana coffee treats this month will help you do an Irish jig and put a little pep in your step, you will also help others in the process.

You see, if you buy a Shamrock Mocha or a Nutty Leprechaun this month, a portion of your purchase will be donated to help local charities. And you get to choose which one including:

It’s cold outside! Stop by your favorite coffee shop in Billings for award-winning Montana coffee and help others in need.

That will really make you feel lucky!

Want some of our award-winning Montana coffee but can’t get to our coffee shop in Billings, have our beans delivered to your home or office here.