Discover the Award-Winning Ethiopian Ardi Coffee at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters

Exploring the Award-Winning Ethiopian Ardi Coffee | Best Billings Coffee

Exploring the Award-Winning Ethiopian Ardi Coffee

Indulge in a local favorite that's not only beloved in Billings, Montana but has also earned Rock Creek Coffee Roasters a prestigious North American Golden Bean Award – the Ethiopian Ardi.

Why is it an award winner? Take a journey through the unique flavors and origins of this exceptional coffee blend that has captured the hearts of many.

Discover the Distinctive Flavor Profile

With just one sip, you'll embark on a sensory adventure. Ethiopian Ardi boasts a unique combination of red-berry, dried fruit, and floral notes, creating a phenomenal full-bodied taste with medium acidity. The juicy mouthfeel and a delightful hint of strawberries add to its irresistible charm.

Perfectly paired with bitter foods, such as dark chocolate, this coffee is a delightful experience best shared with friends, family, and anyone who appreciates the finer nuances of a well-crafted cup.

Award-Winning Excellence

The North American Golden Bean Award is a testament to the exceptional roasting skills applied to Ethiopian Ardi by Rock Creek Coffee Roasters. This recognition highlights not only the local acclaim but also the broader acknowledgment of the outstanding quality of this coffee.

Roots in Ethiopia: Birthplace of Coffee

Ethiopian Ardi originates from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, where coffee has a profound history. Ethiopia is renowned as the birthplace of the coffee tree, making it a place of historical significance for coffee lovers worldwide.

The coffee is cultivated by a small group of sustainable farmers at elevations ranging from 1750 to 1950 meters. The nutrient-rich soil of this region imparts a distinctive richness to the beans, enhancing their flavor profile.

Crafting the Perfect Bean

The meticulous process of creating Ethiopian Ardi begins with skilled workers sorting the best cherries. These cherries are then naturally dried on raised beds, a sight to behold on the hillsides of Sidama. During the harvest season from September to January, crimson cherries blanket the washing stations, drying under the sun for eight to twelve days.

Rotation of the cherries every 30 minutes is a critical step in achieving the coffee's distinctive flavor and optimal moisture level. Once dried, the beans are carefully packaged and sent to esteemed roasters globally, including Rock Creek Coffee Roasters in Billings.

Ethiopian Ardi: A Name with History

The name "Ardi" pays homage to a famous early human fossil discovered in Ethiopia. This phenomenal coffee is a product of careful cultivation, precision harvesting, and prompt shipping at the peak of freshness to ensure your enjoyment.

We are confident that you'll love the Ethiopian Ardi experience. Contact us to try it and share your thoughts on this award-winning coffee blend!

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