Not Sure What to Do this Valentine’s Day?

How about time to yourself or a special date at our coffee shop in Billings for some of the best coffee in Montana?

Stop by our coffee shop in Billings for some of the best coffee in Montana this February!Valentine’s Day is almost here, and our coffee shop in Billings may be just what you need! Whether you just want a pick-me-up or are ready to share special time with a loved one, how about a taste of the some of the best coffee in Montana?

Yep. There are hearts, cupids and red decorations everywhere. Some folks really go all out for 2/14. But we realize that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. After all, we know there are plenty of you out there who have lost loved ones, feel alone or just don’t like the day at all.

We get it. That’s why if you stop by our coffee shop in Billings this week (or any time for that matter), you’ll get a warm “Howdy!” accompanied by a big, friendly smile. (Yep. Love is in the air but so is the smell of fresh, roasted coffee!)

You can chat with our baristas, get your coffee to go or simply sit by yourself and enjoy your hot, tasty beverage on a cold, February day. You’ll definitely feel better after stopping by our coffee shop in Billings… especially if you try this month’s specialty drinks like…

Love Stinks A Latte

Visit our coffee shop in Billings for Valentine's Day!Yes, love hurts. But this latte will take away some of the sting. Packed with delicious almond and caramel flavors, you’ll forget about your broken heart, or lack of a Valentine, for a few minutes. Let us know what you think! It may just be your new love!

Well, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones out there who found love. Are you trying to find the perfect place to go on Valentine’s Day?

Why not share some of the best coffee in Montana together at our coffee shop in Billings?

You can bring your Valentine (or even someone you want to get to know a little better) into our shop, order a delicious beverage you can’t find anywhere else and have some alone time in our cozy, warm atmosphere!

It’s much better than walking around outside, being silent while watching a movie or doing the same hum drum thing everyone else is doing this year! Plus, our drinks will set the mood like our…

I Love You A Latte!Get the best coffee in Billings at Rock Creek Coffee this Valentine's Day!

With a combination of strawberries and chocolate, our unique take on a strawberry mocha may be just what you need to move your relationship to the next level. This drink definitely says, “romance and love”!

Now, you may not like these drinks, but we have many others to choose from. But if you buy one of these specialty coffees this month, a portion of your purchase helps local charities. You can pick between 8 wonderful charities in the community including:

Valentine’s Day is here whether you like it or not. Why not make the most of it with a delicious coffee drink?

Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not, stop by our coffee shop in Billings for a tasty treat that helps others.

Enjoy a drink that will make your day a little better or share a unique experience with the people you love. Either way, your purchase can assist others in the the local community who really need it. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?!

Want to enjoy some of the best coffee in Montana but live far away? No worries. Have your favorite beans or tea delivered directly to your home or office straight from our coffee shop in Billings here!