Get a Knockout from Your Favorite Coffee Shop in Billings!

Enjoy a specialty drink this month and help Billings Elite Amateur Boxing

If you stop by Rock Creek Coffee Shop in Billings this month, you can enjoy a unique, coffee specialty drink created by our own baristas. You see, each month, I let them go (a little… sometimes a lot when I’m not around) crazy and create delicious coffee drinks.

Harvest latte at Rock Creek Coffee Shop in BillingsSometimes, they’ll take a plain ol' regular latte and turn it into a lip-smacking strawberry cheesecake latte, a pumpkin pie latte or one with salted caramel, hazelnut and other tasty ingredients. Other times, they will offer our famous Honey Suckle, Shamrock Mint, Pina Colada Italian Soda, and more.

What are the baristas offerings today at Rock Creek Coffee Shop in Billings?

Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure what they’ve been up to this morning! But, I do know that if you purchase one of these specialty coffee drinks, we’ll donate a portion of the sale to a local non-profit. And you get to pick which charity out of current list of eight.

One of these is Billings Elite Amateur Boxing.

Help Billings Elite Amateur Boxing at

This is a local non-profit program that helps at-risk youth learn about sportsmanship, self-confidence and positive value through the sport of amateur boxing.

Young people of all ages learn the rules prescribed by USA Boxing and develop their skills in a positive, safe environment that focuses on education.

This year, Billings Elite Amateur Boxing will participate in the USA Boxing Region X Junior Olympics, June 6-7, 2020, and The Montana Silver Gloves Tournament, Dec 14-15, 2020.

Billings Elite Amateur Boxing ClubWith their boxing activities, youth in the area develop their confidence levels and mental and physical strength, while having a great time with other kids.

Now, you probably have no intention of getting in the ring any time soon (unless it’s a really bad day and you envision telling your boss/traffic/jury duty/other annoyer where to go!) But you probably could use a shot of caffeine for some mental toughness today.

Well, you’re in luck… we have your delicious, fresh-brewed cup waiting for you!

Stop by your favorite coffee shop in Billings (Rock Creek, of course!) and see what we have brewing. Our team is ready to share their latest and tasty concoction with you, and you can help out youth in the local community (or choose another one of your favorite non-profits) at the same time.

It’s January. It’s cold out there. Stop by for a warm “Howdy!” and a great cup of coffee.

(And if you see me, please let me know what you think of our monthly coffee special. That way, I can let my team members know what you’d like to see more of next month… or not at all!)

Have our carefully picked beans shipped to you direct from our coffee shop in Billings, Montana here.