COFFEE PROFILE: Costa Rica Santa Elena

Meet our star coffee, Costa Rica Santa Elena – a favorite among our customers.

This medium roast is a delightful journey for your taste buds. It begins with a refreshing burst of citrus notes, followed by a velvety, buttery finish that will leave you wanting more.

This coffee is radiant with a gentle sweetness and an elegant profile that even the most discerning coffee connoisseur will savor.

The beans hail from the renowned Tarrazú region in the Costa Rican highlands, specifically the single estate of Santa Elena. They are carefully harvested between November and February, ensuring peak ripeness.

The meticulous process begins with handpicking the cherries and a rigorous quality sorting. Then, these beans undergo a natural washing and a pulped, natural honey process before basking in the sun on a mill's patio. Furthermore, the beans are stored in parchment for a minimum of 30 days post-drying before they are milled and shipped.

Costa Rica has a rich coffee history, dating back to around 1860 when it began commercially exporting to the United States. While production has dipped in recent years due to urbanization, small-scale farmers, often referred to as "micro-mills," are rejuvenating the industry. They champion an artisanal approach, overseeing every step from cultivation and harvest to packaging and shipping.

The Santa Elena Estate embodies this commitment to excellence, embracing a holistic and sustainable approach. Their state-of-the-art water-treatment system meets stringent environmental standards.

Our Santa Elena beans are exported as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), denoting cultivation at altitudes ranging from 1250 to 1500 meters above sea level (MASL). This elevation imparts a denser, superior quality compared to the Hard Bean (HB) classification. The genetic varieties at play here include Caturra and Typica, further elevating the coffee's complexity.

Enjoy a cup of this extraordinary coffee, which pairs wonderfully with a salmon dinner or a sweet treat like beignets. With every sip, relish in the knowledge that you're supporting an environmentally conscious process and a close-knit community of dedicated farmers and their families.

Ready to experience the magic of Costa Rica Santa Elena for yourself? Get in touch with us today to savor this exceptional brew.