Can Coffee Go Stale?

Have you ever wondered if fresh coffee makes a difference?

Can coffee go stale? Yup. Coffee isn’t like wine. One of the biggest reasons we decided to roast our own coffee was to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible.

Why is that important?

Coffee and oxygen are not friends. Left exposed, coffee will lose about 25% of it’s flavor in the first two weeks after it’s roasted.  And another 25% after that.  And so on, and so on… The chart below shows how the flavor of that great coffee you bought disappears over time.

Can Coffee Go Stale?

Can coffee go stale?   Old coffee will never become tasteless, but what’d left with won’t be very good.  The type of coffee and degree of roast will determine the taste.  A dryer coffee may taste woody, while coffee with a fair amount of oil may become bitter and rancid. Yes, coffee can go stale. But, the good news is you can slow down the process.

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