Got Love? Billings Coffee Roasters Offers Drinks To Help Local Charities

It's February and one of your favorite (o.k. maybe your very favorite!), Billings Coffee Roasters is here to help you stay warm and celebrate this month of love!

Yep. This February, we are offering two, very special coffee drinks, and a portion of your purchase will be donated to one 8 different charities that help those in need in the local community. 

You'll love these concoctions that my team came up with:

I Love You A Latte!

Ha! Yes, it's fun to say and drink! This is a delicious Strawberry Mocha packed with strawberry goodness and the mocha chocolate your taste buds crave!

You can share it with your favorite Valentine, or simple enjoy the cup of deliciousness all by yourself. It's like a hand-dipped chocolate strawberry in a to go cup! 

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Love Stinks A Latte

We get it. Valentine's Day can be a hard holiday for many people who have lost loved ones or don't have someone special in their life right now.

Well, we've made this original almond and caramel coffee drink to help warm you on a cold day and make this month a little bit easier!

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Try one of these special drinks this month, and let us know what you think. Then, you can also choose which local charity you'd like to help most with your purchase.

One of these non-profits is the Billings NICA Composite MTB Team

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Founded in 2017, The Project League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) helps "facilitate the development of high school and middle school teams/clubs for grades 6-12 and provide the education, training, licensing, and insurance for coaches and volunteers."

They produce high-quality mountain bike events and races that emphasize the value of "participation, camaraderie, positive sporting behavior, and well-being over competition." And their vision is to, "help improve the lives of Montana's youth and communities through cycling."

The Billings NICA Compositve MTB team offers an equal and inclusive scholastic-based program that offers safe, high quality and fun mountain biking that exposes students to "the opportunity to build strong body, mind, and character."

This is just one of the eight different non-profits you can help this month at Rock Creek, your favorite Billings coffee roasters!

So whether you are big fan of Valentine's Day, or just wish it would go by fast, stop by for a delicious specialty drink and a warm "Howdy"! You can enjoy some great coffee and share the love with local charities, too!

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