Billings Coffee Roasters – What Should You Look for and Why?

Great coffee is brewing in Montana right now!

Not all Billings coffee roasters are the same, and there are a few things to look for when searching for the perfect cup of your favorite brew, especially in Montana. Yes, this state is known for “Big Sky Country,” the great outdoors and cowboys. But, it’s also a place where small businesses are flourishing.

In fact, “the state has more entrepreneurs per capita than any other state and a business survival rate (businesses that survive their first five years) that ranks in the top 10,” according to The Montana Business Quarterly’s article entitled, “Entrepreneurship in Montana,” by Brandon Bridge and Scott Hawk. And where there are entrepreneurs, there are coffee drinkers!

What to Look for in Billings Coffee Roasters

Well, if you want to find some great coffee in Montana, what should you look for? Here are a few questions to ask:

1. Where is your coffee from?

Coffee is grown all over the world at different altitudes with various, environmentally friendly options. A good coffee roaster will look at the sustainability of a farm, how the coffee is grown and harvested and how it affects the local community.

The best Billings coffee is roasted in small batches at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters.2. How is your coffee roasted?

Did you know that coffee tastes best when the bean are roasted in small batches at just the right time? This way, you get to enjoy a great cup of coffee at the peak of freshness.

3. Do you feel comfortable?

When you visit a coffee shop, you are there to enjoy a great drink to start your day, talk to a friend or co-worker or just have a moment to yourself.

As you walk in the door, you should smell the scent of fresh coffee and be greeted with a warm, Montana “Howdy!” Team members should know how to make a delicious cup of coffee just the way you like it and serve it fast.

They need to have a good knowledge of various types of coffee, where it comes from and when, how it’s roasted and more.

4. How long have they been in business?

Get a warm Howdy at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters in Billings.Like anything in retail, Billings coffee roasters have competition. Check to see how long the shop has been in business at that particular location. If they’ve been around for a few years, that means they have the knowledge, high-quality service and delicious coffee to keep regulars, and new customers, coming back for more for many years.

Plus, a good store will be an important part of the community where they help others, get involved with charitable events and local happenings, and more.

5. Can I buy the coffee as a gift?

If you love a particular, local coffee, it should be easy to buy it as a gift or have it shipped directly to your home. Look for online services to buy your favorite coffee beans for special events, holidays, and more.

The best Billings coffee roasters are waiting for you!

Whether you live in Montana, are visiting or live outside of the state, check out the wonderful coffee available in Billings. Look for reputable stores that know how to obtain great coffee from sustainable farms and roast it to perfection at the peak of freshness. Stop by the local shop for a sip of true flavor or order it online for friends and family members.

The best Billings coffee roasters offer delicious roasts served with warm, friendly service that’s hard to find.

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