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Enjoy our wide variety of single origin coffees and blends, handcrafted with consistency.

We Roast in Small Batches

Quality is our main focus. Each coffee is roasted in small batches, in our cafe in Billings, Montana.

Specialty Cafe

Our customers can’t get enough of hanging out and sipping coffee in our cafe!

Rock Creek Coffee

Located in the heart of downtown Billings, Rock Creek Coffee Roasters opened in August 2004.

When we decided to open a coffee house, we knew we would roast our own coffee.  Roasting in-house is essential to ensure the quality of our beans.  Coffee begins to lose flavor soon after roasting, so we roast in small batches to make sure you have the freshest possible coffee.

If you’re in town, stop in for a cup and there’s a good chance you’ll catch us roasting.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at

Did we mention we’re Billings only award-winning roaster?   We received a Golden Bean Silver Medal for our Ethiopian Ardi in 2015.


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