The best coffee for Rock Creek Coffee Roasters!

Keffa Coffee Welcomes Us!

Learn more about this fantastic Ethiopian coffee Recently, Peggy and I took a trip to Washington, DC. Not only did we get to see the famous cherry blossoms and landmarks, but we also got to visit one of our importers, Keffa Coffee. We hopped on a real train to Baltimore where Shane met us at…

Rock Creek Coffee Success Story

Case Study — Tiffany Brake, Cattle Brand Coffee

“When I stopped selling Rock Creek Coffee, sales plummeted 50% within just two weeks, and customers complained.” Tiffany Brake, Cattle Brand Coffee Summary Tiffany Brake received her barista training from Joel and Peggy Gargaro at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters in 2004. “Both Peggy and Joel have a passion for coffee that’s infectious,” states Tiffany. “Joel…

Can coffee go stale?

Can Coffee Go Stale?

Have you ever wondered if fresh coffee makes a difference? Can coffee go stale? Yup. Coffee isn’t like wine. One of the biggest reasons we decided to roast our own coffee was to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible. Why is that important? Coffee and oxygen are not friends. Left exposed, coffee will…